The House is the private refuge for every human being in this world, and from here it became the care of the house. Due to the high energy costs, the high demand and low supply, it is imperative to find a solution to reduce the consumption of energy resources. This is done by our company. About Using the thermal and water insulation system for buildings and houses.
  • Thermal insulation has many benefits, including the maintenance of a moderate temperature for a long time inside the building. It prevents the entry of the hottest summer atmosphere to the house and the exit of the air cooler to the outside and vice versa in the winter; which reduces the operation of air conditioners for long periods of time, Health and psychological effect on humans; due to lack of noise resulting from the operation of these devices. Insulation also allows the use of small air conditioning devices thus reducing the cost of purchasing used equipment
  • Control Condensation with Insulation Insulation with a good vapor retarder controls condensation and limits corrosion on cold piping, ducts, chillers, and roof drains. Sufficient thickness is needed to keep the surface temperature above the dew point temperature of the ambient air. Keep surface temperatures above the dew point. Prevent costly moisture damage to building materials. Prevent mold and mildew growth. Reduce energy costs for operating chillers and refrigeration equipment.

Insulation materials from Lush

Which is supported by Fiber Optic fibers with nanotechnology, Silicon for water-proofing, and UV-resistant high-quality German materials (H-SW), consisting of A + B and Bauer and mixed with some. Before starting the implementation process, we paint the surface to be working with a material SW material base bonding material believes adhesion materials and implemented on the surfaces of concrete and toilet and Ash takes and metal surfaces with each other and gives excellent results
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The master-builders off human happiness no one rejects, ours avoids pleasure itself, because seds it is pleasure, who do not know how to rationally.

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