• Insulation
  • Pool Tools
  • Water Sys
  • Conditioning
  • Energy

Cement Insultion

– Provide insulation materials instead of asphalt concrete bear pressure 3 bar.

– Ceramic Adhesive bear the difference in high temperatures.

– Stucco paste for decoration works waterproof resistant to cracks.

– The provision of non-chemical additives to concrete high standard German.

– Provide a water-proof materials (Nano Silicon) German

Swimming Pool

The company operates on the design and creation of all types of swimming pools and Jacuzzis and saunas in all its forms in ways that modern engineering in terms of design and construction as the company to design, processing and implementation of all kinds of fountains in all its forms.

The company cooperates with a range of specialized international companies in the field of swimming pools, including the Company Astarl Pool and IML company to gain access to the best-desired results.


Water System

– Company provides system water (filtered and sterilized) at a price of what it spends to buy bottles of water for one month

– Filtering systems and industrial sterilization

– A study of all water projects and processing plants filtration and disinfection of all power rating

– The company is also able to filter manufacturing plant 1000 m3.

Conditioning System

– Providing cooling systems operate on solar power.

– Provide coolers variety of Italian and international companies.

– The company is ready for all the designs and the study and maintenance of Chelorat and Bakjat and all air conditioning own Palmchava, hotels and institutions of the Stat

Energy System

The company Lash offers all the requirements of electric power generation of all kinds (Water – Solar – steam – and fuel), due to the growing need for energy in the circumstances of the country and to provide all the tools and spare parts.

The company provides solar cells operate climatic conditions and high temperatures up to 85 degrees Celsius.

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