The design and implementation of a wooden sauna by our company, we used the finest European woods.
With our high ability to design and construction, we have converted an ordinary room in a resort into a Moroccan bath that takes you to Marrakesh
Implementation of a Jacuzzi for a beauty center in Baghdad, where international measurements were adopted and the use
We built a high quality steam sauna made of the finest European wood for the benefit of one of our customers
A Turkish bath was implemented by us for a private resorts, the designs is as seem as what is in the original baths in Turkey,
In addition to the use of European wood in our work, we have added a an infrared. Heating system
لا يمكننا التحكم في الطقس ، لكن يمكننا التحكم في الجدول الزمني والتكلفة والجودة والسلامة.