Carbon sheet for heating

Revolutionary heating coming from Korea saving and safety Lash Company offers the revolutionary product coming from Korea, the carbon chip, which is a suitable and effective alternative to all other types of traditional heating and can be placed under carpets or rugs.. It can be placed under concrete or ceramics and one of the most important benefits It works in infrared (INFRARED), is very economical in electricity and does not contain electrical wires. or Heather Tonic for vitamin D, C, E, and a stimulant for blood circulation. It calms the nerves, especially for children. It helps to dissolve grease. Not damaged or broken It does not contain wires inside it, only the electrical connection point is not affected by water and does not emit odors, as in heating through oil derivatives, very safe The carbon chip for healthy heating of Korean origin is one of the best choices for large and small hotels, as it can get rid of all the problems of central heating and provide a space used to create more rooms and services inside the hotel. It makes heating easier and safer and provides a healthy, suitable and safe environment without the need to pump fuel More about this source textSource text required for additional translation information Send feedback Side panels.

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