Hyper cement additives

Hyper cement additives

Insulation materials for heat and water - Silicon adhesives
Water and thermal

Water and thermal

The House is the private refuge for every human being in
Economic heating

Economic heating

  The revolutionary economic heating by Korean carbon
Power Systems

Power Systems

A solar cell or solar battery is a device that converts
About the company

About the company

An Iraqi company with German-Spanish support is interested

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Water and thermal insulation

Cement additives

Flattening an alternative eshtaker

Ceramic adhesive

Coatings for alternative asphalt

waterproofing and thermal insulation


Energy systems

Solar energy

Electricity generation

Water heating

Energy Saving Heaters

Energy-saving heating and cooling


Swimming pools and fountains

Design swimming pools 

construction of swimming pools 

Design and construction of fountains

Equipment and pumps

Sauna - Jacuzzi - Waterfalls


Purification and Desalination

Water treatment systems Ro

Work of large stations

Industrial systems

Home systems

Building of reservoirs for petroleum

Last of our work

Super User, Tuesday, 31 March 2020
  Design and implement a fountain in Baghdad without having any pumps inside the basin .
Super User, Thursday, 26 March 2020
House Bath insulation with hyper materalis in baghdad - Iraq   {loadposition pos11}
Super User, Wednesday, 29 January 2020
With the help of God, a house in the Al-Qadisiyah neighborhood in Baghdad has been finished with original German Hyper materials suitable for the Iraqi climate.With 5 years guarantee   ...
Super User, Wednesday, 29 January 2020
Through the Glorious Baghdad initiative, our company, Lash Engineering Solutions, has implemented maintenance and cleaning works for the Alawi Square fountain in Baghdad, which included cleaning and ...
Super User, Sunday, 26 January 2020
A Moroccan bath containing a steam sauna with the latest heating system with the latest equipment with a jacuzzi and a waterfall has been completed in cooperation with the Sama El-Emar   ...
Super User, Sunday, 30 December 2018
As part of the Baghdad, Baghdad Initiative, our company was honored with the reconstruction and design of the Fountain of the Imams Bridge
Super User, Sunday, 30 December 2018
Under implementation ... Aquarium with a filtration system Bayluji and sterilization in one of the Baghdad restaurants and installation of special waterfalls
Super User, Sunday, 30 December 2018
Lush has re-designed and reconstructed Abdul Mahsin Al-Kazemi square according to international designs within the initiative of Baghdad
Super User, Sunday, 30 December 2018
Within the framework of the initiative of Baghdad, Lush has re-designed and reconstructed Antar Square according to international designs

From Our Work

We offer you the latest works of our company from the projects that have been completed recently
Baths insulation with Lush company materials in one of the  malls in iraq {loadposition mypostion3}
The House is the private refuge for every human being in this world, and from here it became the care of the house. Due to the high energy costs, the high demand and low supply, it is
We find in the pictures a description of the high accuracy in the completion of the swimming pool and our company provides a real guarantee and original materials of the high quality of the
Lush provides special equipment for cleaning and maintaining complete swimming pools and fountains .  
Fountain of circular ring with nozzle in the center .. and variable colored lamps
The surface of a house is made of high-quality German insulation materials specially made for the atmosphere of Iraq. The material can be added to the shtikker, kashi and any other
For small spaces, Lash has developed the idea of creating a small swimming pool and jacuzzi at the same time, with the addition of exquisite decoration and excellent lighting .
Our company has been involved in Rasafa Grand Water Project and this is part of the work we have done
Lush company has re-flattened Ibn Al-Baladi Children's Hospital in Rusafa side and removed all cracks and damage and the work of a completely insulating surface for water and heat and
Stages of completion of the waterfall by the cadre of our company.
A fountain was set up at the University of Baghdad by the Lush Company and was completed according to the design we provided and approved. .
Acts of flattening of the Church of the Virgin Mary. Raising the foam and asphalt and making the new road with hyper materials by our company.
Lash created a waterfall with a simple idea that added to the house more tranquility and beauty .
The complex was flattened with German hyper-materials available in our company. For waterproofing, thermal and acoustic. Which I take on the nano-ceramics. (Without jowls or asphalt or
Lush company has done some business in the city of Sayyed awseyaa for visitors in the holy city of Kerbala
Our company has completed a swimming pool in the city of Baghdad with a new and developed idea that our company has a distinguished cadre in construction and construction as our materials
From the work of the company cadre implement the swimming pool. These are the stages of completing a swimming pool in Baghdad / Karrada
Stages of insulation of the bath by German hyper materials .  


What are solar panels?
  The solar panel is a group of solar cells connected to each other in a sequential or parallel way as illustrated by the following picture. A group of solar panels can be installed parallel or sequentially as we will learn in a paragraph coming from this lesson.
What are the green surfaces?
The systems used to cultivate the roofs of buildings should be a lightweight system that does not cause excessive load on the building, nor should there be leakage of water from the system to the roof of the building until the building is maintained well and for a long time. It has been found that soilless
What is the activity of Lash Heating?
Lash's heating activities include carbon nanotubes and solar heaters
What is the difference between HABER cement and ISO
  Due to a large number of questions from our followers about the difference between our German heat and water products and the rest of the products on the market, we decided to answer this publicationIsocam Isocam is composed of a substance (ker) and its input is glass fiber insulating to the heat and inside it is also a reinforced polyester and impregnated with asphalt and Pavlankot and mastic and works in strips between a tape and a tape of 5 to 10 cm Covered and tied with asphalt or

last of our work

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